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The decision to seek a conservatorship of a loved one is not an easy one, and the lawyers and paralegals of Aaron, Riechert, Carpol & Riffle, APC ("ARCR") are experienced in handling both the legal and emotional issues that arise during these proceedings.

Our conservatorship practice includes representation of friends and family members in all aspects of conservatorship proceedings, including starting conservatorship proceedings, opposing conservatorship proceedings, managing during the duration of the conservatorship, and terminating the conservatorship. Our paralegals are skilled in the preparation of Court accountings, and can assist the conservator in the preparation when necessary. Several of our lawyers serve on the San Mateo County court appointed attorney panel to represent conservatees and proposed conservatees. ARCR also represents several San Mateo County private professional conservators, and connects clients with such professionals when the need arises.

Finally, our lawyers serve as consultants to the  San Mateo County Legal Aid Society CareGivers Legal Assistance Network, and represent pro bono clients through that program.

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